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Founder Vikas Rawat

Vinyasa yoga flow / Acro yoga / Alignment & adjustment

Vikas Rawat is our treasured Vinyasa flow teacher. He is practising yoga from time when he started to walk. Love and diligence to yoga accompanies him whole life. He improved in to excellence own style of Hatha yoga in Jai Ram ashram and Asthanga Vinyasa yoga flow in Shrived Niketan Ashram where he's learned from the renowned Guru masters of Yoga in Rishikesh. Vikas is erudite and highly popular yoga teacher in Rishikesh for him specific dynamic style of teaching, understanding to different students needs and 21 years of self experience. He holds a black belt in Martial arts and won in the World Championship of Yogaasana. Now he is graduated on the International school of yoga as Master in Yogic science

Tanushree Rawat

Pranayama/ Teaching Methodology/ Meditation & Relaxation

Tanushree is Master of yogic science & education . She's learned the art of yoga from Shirved Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh and also in Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul School. She has taken part in many international seminars such as a speaker in a Californication Spa and Beauty event in Kazakhstan. Tanushree was also honored at the first International Yoga Day celebrations by the Indian Embassy for making the event a success. She will guides you thru traditional way of Pranayama, mantra chanting and meditation practice. As master of education knows well how to train and motivate students to achieve all benefits from yogic practice. You will also know how pass true knowledge of yoga and shape your yogic career be the best in your own style way of teaching in future.



Yogi Ashish Rawatt

Classical Hatha Yoga

Yogi Ashish is dedicated him life to deep understand yoga knowledge.As a small 3 years old boy starts to learn about yoga in traditional way. How he's growing up his journey led him to the Ashram to learn from best Masters of yoga in Rishikesh city. He's gained exceptional skills, he cultivates him yogic style almost whole life that's why Ashish excels so much in Hatha Asthanga yoga and won the Championship of Yogaasana - international level. Him uniqueness attracts students from all over world for dynamic style of teaching and true passion for yoga. Ashish graduated on Sanskrit University in Uttarakhand as Master in Yogic science also participate in many seminars and workshops on yoga, sports, and physical education.With him brother Vikas makes you feel like a part of whole family.

Sadhushri Ji

History and Philosophy of Yoga

Sandeep belongs to a Brahmin family and living and getting experience of yoga as young 11 years old boy he assumed the role as a disciple in the Rama Sadhaka Ashram of Guru Swami Veda BhartiJi. As he grows he started sharing his knowledge of yoga to the different ashram and school of Rishikesh. He is a well-respected Yogacharya. Sandeep has mastered this art form to a high degree of awareness. He has gained expertise and new insights into relaxation and meditation techniques from various Ashrams of Rishikesh. Sandeep has a high proficiency in practice and teaching of Yoga philosophy, which attracts many followers. At present, he is pursuing Ph.D. or Doctorate in Yoga.



Harmindra Singh

Yoga anathomy & Yoga physiology

Harmindra is passionate about teaching and Himalayas, and he pursues both with great commitment. He has learned the mechanisms of the living world including the Human body during his B.Sc from HNB Garhwal University. He takes that learning and fuses it with the Yogic knowledge he gained from his 500 Hrs Yoga teacher certification. In last 2 years, he has taught regularly in yoga teacher training programs and scores of wellness retreats. Harmindra is keen towards spreading knowledge with respect to yoga and other fields like sedentary life disorder, posture imbalance, and physical therapy.